Over 177,000,000 cinema tickets were sold in the UK last year with around 2.3 million admissions every week so Cinema is a valuable media opportunity

Cinema advertising talks to a captive audience in a unique way with no distractions. You can utilise cinema to advertise locally, regionally and nationally, follow a film or define a specific target audience.

The film may be the main event, but it’s the overall experience that makes cinema an advertising medium like no other. You can engage cinemagoers at every stage of the cinema experience to ensure your campaign stays with cinemagoers before, during and after their trip to the movies. Be it in-foyer, online, on their phones or on the big screen, all of these touchpoints add scale and frequency to your campaign.

Our experienced team have been using Cinema to target audiences for over 30 years so we know how to make this powerful media really work for your campaign.

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