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Direct marketing

 Direct Marketing

Direct Mail and Door to Door marketing allow you to target and reach the precise audiences.

UK households can be segmented by almost every type of marketing selection based on lifestyle and the makeup of the people living at the address.

We can target by individual, any demographic segment or by geographical definition, from one postcode subsector to the whole country.

Mosaic™ allows us to identify the highest likelihood of reaching households with the best-fit for your customer profile.

Hitting your target

We will help you improve the opportunities presented by this diverse and flexible media opportunity by sourcing and refining the data we use, targeting the respondents most likely to buy and creating a mailing piece that’s’ most likely to engage with your prospective customers.

According to industry research up to 92% of people say they read door drops that appeal to them so it’s vital to get the right mailing in the hands of the right people – our experience and our partnership with Whistl, Europe’s leading mail facilitator ensures that this happens every time.

Hands on

Putting a physical item into the hands of a prospective customer in their own home or at their desk gives you a unique bond that isn’t easily achievable through any other media – combine this with a strong call to action and this is potentially the most scalable media opportunity there is.

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