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Email Marketing

We offer a cost-effective and effective email marketing service to put your messages effectively in your customer’s inbox.Email marketing is a direct marketing communication that can be easily targeted, dynamically generated and measured. We can manage your email marketing for promotional campaigns and newsletters predominantly. It’s a great way to stay in touch with clients at a distance on a very personal level.  We can help you tailor your communication to make it as appropriate as possible to encourage high open rates and maximum response. We can work with you to create engaging newsletters and schedule your campaigns to deliver your messages at exactly the right time.

A campaign is not a one-time email as many clients believe. It’s a way to reach out to an individual prospect or subscriber many times in a strategic, systematic approach.

First, we build some familiarity with your database ensuring the right message goes to the right recipients.  We clean and improve your data every time to make sure we avoid a higher spam scores and remain GDPR compliant.

We also offer integrated social campaigns that cross from email into social media and potentially back again to email. This type of email marketing engages people through their social media newsfeeds.

Our Email Marketing Services

  • Strategy and automation
  • Responsive design
  • Email creative
  • Email development
  • List management
  • Campaign creation
  • Quality assurance
  • Deliverability
  • Custom reporting

Email Remarketing:

By identifying users that block or ignore your messages we use re-engagement campaign to re-engage these subscribers or clean them from your email list. The reason we need to remove them is that they can potentially affect your reputation with the ISPs, and therefore your deliverability rate.

We help you reduce the risk of annoying your audience by sending inappropriate or badly timed messages.

Email marketing can be overwhelming and complex, the various publishing systems are challenging to operate. We’re keen to make it as easy and simple as possible and tailor a plan to match your needs and budget.

Case Study

Conference client – we worked with a client marketing a conference. We had a plan to send five emails leading up to the conference to drive registration. Once a recipient registered for the conference, we removed them from the list to avoid sending them the “register today!” message. They were automatically moved to a different list of registered attendees and then to a follow up file for re-marketing for the next conference in the programme.


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