There are two types of website. Those that have been hacked and those that haven’t been hacked – yet!

A hacking attack is usually ‘Business Critical’.  It can destroy rapport with customers and drive them to your competitors. It can destroy the relationship you have with your website team, it can stop your business trading – if it’s happened to you we can help!

Our web security experts can recover your hacked website. Hacking is software that exploits vulnerabilities in your site or its hosting to get your site to do something other than what is intended. Hackers use unethical methods to plant codes to steal your server space and online presence or steal data. Hackers often redirect your links to their own websites to steal your customers (usually e-commerce and shopping sites). Hacks are usually automated by large networks. Protection by the search engines automatically stops access to your site.

We help you to get your hacked website fixed quickly so you can start trading again as soon as possible. The safety of your users is a priority, and your reputation could be seriously affected. Depending on the type of hack there are lots of recovery processes we can use.  User Accounts Security, User Login Security, User Registration Security, Database Security, File System Security, Blacklist Functionality, Brute force login attack prevention, Comment SPAM Security, Front-end Text Copy Protection, SSL installation (If you have SSL license) and optimization for SEO. We can repair Theme vulnerabilities including base64 code and invalid JavaScript and remove malware.

Our experience in fixing hacked sites gives us the knowledge needed to find infected files, dig deep into your site and flush out any compromised data.

We know that sorting out the after effects of a hacking can be stressful so the last thing you need is to worry about the cost.  We’ll do our very best to make sure the price we agree is in scale with your business. We’re here to help, not make the problem worse.  Depending on the severity of the hack and differing complexities involved it’s almost impossible to offer a cost without looking into the issues. We work at a standard hourly rate.

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