There’s nothing like putting a tangible well produced item of promotional literature into the hands of a willing consumer has got to be one of the most powerful sales opportunities available to us – let us show you how to make it work for your business…

There are a wide range of cost efficient options ranging from shared loose and poly bag inserts to cover mount sample presentations on publications and dropping into letterboxes targeted to where your most likely prospects live. Our expert planners can identify and target the right publications and households or postcodes for your campaign.

Inserts in publications are a great way of making your ads jump off the page – literally. A valued and expected component of the newspaper and magazine industry, insert advertisements offer brands the opportunity to stand out and target specific readerships and demographics.

It’s a uniquely creative selling opportunity that can be tweaked and tailored depending on the offer, location and the media environment.  This can apply to almost every product and service imaginable and gives advertisers a wide range of creative options.

Inserts allow you to present your message in a distinct, stand-alone format that provides lots of control of their creative without needing to stick to to the design constraints of the publication.

Rather than face a battle to make your ads stand out against competitors, insert and leaflet advertising allows your message to jump out increasing the likelihood of potential customers picking up and fully absorbing your message.

We are experienced insert buyers.  Our planners are actively involved with the UK’s leading insert authority, the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) who champion the use of technology, creativity, insight and sustainability.

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