UK consumer magazines are mostly produced in high quality print allowing advertisers a genuinely creative choice of format from dynamic pages to classifieds, sponsorships, advertorials and competitions. Magazines are willingly read by millions of consumers who want to be informed, educated and entertained. Targeting and the right creative choices are key to making advertising in magazines work. Let us be your guides to this lucrative opportunity…

Magazines are generally targeted by demographics which make media selections less complicated and more accurate. Trade magazines especially still flourish in many industries. Most titles are published in print and digital formats.

Advertisers can take a more targeted approach with magazines because the readership is more specific. There’s hardly a topic or interest anywhere that isn’t covered by a magazine title. Magazines are more colourful, creatively laid out and readers tend to hold on to them for longer periods of time. This long shelf-life gives advertisers multiple opportunities to connect with readers.

Magazines usually publish on weekly or monthly schedule that means readers can pick up the magazine several times before getting through all of the content and before the next issue comes out. Publishers interact digitally with their readership through email newsletters and on social media offering really creative opportunities for advertisers.
Like newspapers magazines are traditionally seen as trustworthy and authoritative and advertisers can benefit from associating their brands with the publication’s editorial. Advertisers give readers the opportunity to absorb their message at their own pace and print allows readers reference back to advertising at any time.

We are experienced magazine planners and buyers with well over 35 years’ experience. We have many regular press clients that stand as a testimonial to the continued effectiveness of magazines. We are accredited by the News Media Association (NMA) and The Periodical Publisher’s Association (PPA)

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