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Creativity is the key for National Press

Just when you thought there was no future for those pesky press guys they do something incredible to change your mind!

Today’s Times is a case in point. The brilliant collaboration between VW and Harvey Nichols, two brands you’d be stretched to put together, has produced the press execution of the year so far – just brilliant.

In case you hadn’t seen the VW TV ad for the new T-Roc the hero of the advert is a baby ram with horns and attitude who challenges everything it comes across – until it meets the VW of course!

In today’s Times, our hero has smashed into the Harvey Nichols ad – helped himself to a pair of Gucci sunglasses and pushed aside the cool model – fabulous! A great deal for HN & Gucci who I suspect won’t have pad a lot to be part of this and kudos to the agency – well done!

On the other hand, the relaunch of the Guardian as a money-saving tabloid hasn’t gone so well. Lacklustre design-editing makes the paper look unwieldy. The masthead takes up a full third of the front page. I realise they have to get a shout-out on the newsstand but the editorial splash and the oversized image looks like its an afterthought. What’s happened to the visual thinkers that once made The Guardian one of the most attractive layouts of any newspaper – anywhere? It’s like they have just stuffed the old shape into the new – no hang on that’s exactly what they’ve done!