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Google gets a kicking at #AdFest100

Sir Martin Sorrell of media giant WPP and David Abraham of Channel 4 had a lovely time on Friday kicking lumps out of a pretty hapless Ronan Harris, the UK MD of Google.

This was supposed to be a panel to discuss the future of advertising at the IPA’s 100 Festival of British Advertising at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane but it turned into a bit of squirmfest for the audience.

It was a bit one sided to say the least, like Barcelona and Byern Munich putting out a joint team against Hartlepool Utd. I felt a bit sorry for young Ronan who was many (many) feet out of his depth with the wily old Sorrell & Abraham tag team. The score was well into double figures by the end of the session and the stats showed 90% possession to the victors with at least 50 shots on target against literally none in response.

Ah – as ever the benefit of experience over youth!

The main beef in a nutshell was that Google and Facebook had questionable metrics and in effect operate a walled garden so they don’t share data or operate like other media owners. They accused Google of not having the creative formats that brands demand and they all agreed Amazon were much more of a spectre for the media world!

But here’s the thing – as much as Mr Sorrell and Mr Abraham sported with Google and as piss poor Ronan Harris was at fighting his corner, I’ll bet my house that if you asked any of the clients that book ads through Group M or advertise on Channel 4 if they could only chose one media owner to spend their money with, they’d opt for Google every day of the week!

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