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Film Makers – Why your Production Needs Professional Film Publicity

Releasing a film successfully relies on a well thought out promotional approach. It requires the integration of an effective marketing plan alongside efficient distribution. Many film makers get this badly wrong! There’s not much written on-line about this topic so here’s an opportunity to learn a bit more about making your film release as effective as possible.

It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist’s intellect to work out that to launch a film requires effective marketing and a well-researched promotional plan. Most filmmakers rely on the professional services of a publicist who can gain them media exposure – as with all professional advisors publicists come in many shapes and forms.  Submitting a film into a festival requires a huge amount of effort and nearly always needs eye-watering levels of funding. The goal is to gain mass public exposure and make it into a screening at one of the premium film festivals.

Achieving successful publicity is about more than turning a few heads. It’s about investing in the story and then putting it out there to appeal to movie goers, the media and to gain the recognition that the filmmaker’s efforts deserve.

There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Film Publicity campaigns often copy strategies that other filmmakers have used in the past to grab media attention. There are some proven routes and we want to share them here to avoid heartache and disappointment down the line, especially for less experienced filmmakers. Here are our top tips…

  • First, take professional stills during production. These are your calling cards – remember a picture paints a thousand words!  They need careful editing to create a detailed and picturesque description of your storyline. These should be used for promotional content and you including high definition print for posters, pamphlets and a variety of advertising strategies.


  • Invest your time, effort and a good chunk of your funding in Social Media and create an attractive website to market your film. Create hype with the release of a few details related to (but without giving away) the entire plot. The distributor you work with is often involved in creating the advertising so it pays to ensure they share responsibility – after all they have a vested interest.


  • For new filmmakers, investing in the services of a professional publicist can mean the difference between getting your film little or no awareness and receiving the attention your creation deserves. Successful movie publicity involves the release of selected information at the right time. It is about connecting to an extensive network of journalists and delivering a pitch to encourage them to write about the film. Good publicists will have developed media relationships and can use their skills to promote a film so check out their contacts and see what they’ve done in the past before picking your publicist.


  • Attitude is everything in Film Publicity. Of course your publicist must be experienced, passionate about your film and be able to put together a realistic strategy to bring it to market. If you can’t afford a publicist during the film production then it’s down to you! Make sure you have some time for promotional activity, get those stills done and hit social media yourself. Encourage everyone you know.  Your friends and family as well as the crew and cast need to be recruited to support your efforts!


  • Create a ‘Film Pack’ press release. When submitting your film to a festival the reality is you will be competing with hundreds of other entries so you need to get the immediate, favourable attention of the selection panel. This isn’t achieved by the trailer footage and soundtrack alone, you’ll need to develop an interesting cast-bio, write an engaging movie synopsis and promote the highlights to give your film the best possible chance of selection. It’s your sales pitch so it needs to be as professional and engaging as possible.


  • Use the media to your advantage, find out which journalists are the influencers in the part of the market you are interested in reaching. Don’t provide a complete breakdown of the plot but make sure you let them have intriguing captions and snippets of information to capture their attention. Help them write their articles by giving them copy they can use.

So who is the best person to promote your film? Simply put – you are!  After all, you know the plot and the production the better than anyone else. Network as much as you can, be bold and creative to ensure your film receives the recognition it deserves!

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