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Radio has the emotional connection!

I read an article in the media press today about the emotional connection that listeners have with their radios and it reminded me why we do so well for our radio clients!

I have to say we are blessed with some very talented radio experts on the Goodman team who create outstanding campaigns that work exceptionally well. It’s that magic combination of clever planning and great creative that comes together every time…

Radio seems to be thriving. The latest Rajar figures show radio listening at record levels. More than 90% of the UK population tunes in regularly, with the average listener catching 21.5 hours of live radio every week. Contrast that to other mainstream media and the picture is nowhere near as rosy.

Radiocentre, the industry body has produced data that suggests that 35 million adults – more than half of the UK’s population – listen to 13 hours or more of radio every week, which is more than double the time spent on Facebook and Twitter combined.

The article I read pointed out that there’s evidence that radio boosts people’s happiness, energy and well-being more than any other medium. A UK study of 1,000 people conducted in 2011 by the Radio Advertising Bureau (now part of Radio-centre) found that radio is a kind of “life- style support system”, which helps people feel better as they go about their day – I wouldn’t disagree with any of that!

The survey’s participants claimed to experience “peaks and troughs” while consuming TV and online media but said radio provided a “consistent environment, themed and shaped” to suit their needs at any given moment. There’s more chance of finding something on the radio that feels tailored specifically to your tastes than on TV – few people re-tune their radios at the rate they flick through TV channels. It’s truly a medium that works any time, any place, anywhere – especially since the advent of digital.

It concluded that in a world where people are looking for happiness, truth, authenticity and, of course, education and entertainment, it’s no surprise to see radio’s current resurgence. It’s truly the medium of the people – I wouldn’t disagree for a moment!

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