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Superbowl ’15 ads


Did you see it?

If you did then I am pretty sure you will have joined me in the comment section.

Superbowl ’15 – no idea at all about what was going on in the game (football?) but the ads are an international legend!

If you are a fan of TV ads then you’ll know that the superbowl commercials are normally the most overproduced brand ads ever – but not this year!  Where were the car and tech ads we’ve come to love?  I suspect its a cost thing.  A 30 second spot was $500,000 more than 2014 – a staggering $4.5 million, a touch under £3 million for a national spot!

The WTF? moment came from the Newcastle Brown Ale 30 second ad that ran in the Palm Springs region.

Now it’s not just that I come from Sunderland than means I have an automatic revulsion to the stuff – most Geordies do as well – but it is a huge seller in the US, almost every beer bar has it on draft so I’d have expected a Coors/Budweiser/Guinness  type of super ad – but no we had the TV equivalent of a feature page in a local freesheet!   There’s been huge traction through social media – rightly so. The making of… series of clips has had more coverage than the actual commercial!



We think it’s an absolutely brilliant concept and well worth a blog to it’s self, congratulations to the producer and brand managers involved , it will no doubt win a shed-ful of awards – I really hope the network agencies here latch onto this for their clients – it’s a proper thumb on the nose for the TV broadcasters!

Band of Brands has 37 brands in one ad that observers are calling “ad-crowdfunding” – the cheapest space was sold for $700 and the advertiser – a local dentist, got an ad in a Super Bowl break – unbelievable! We say more power to them and I look forward to seeing a British version – this year’s Queen’s Speech maybe?

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  1. Rudd Apsey on February 3, 2015 at 10:23 am

    More tweets than for any other single event!
    LikeAGirl seems to have been the winner whereas insurance giant Nationwide took home the wooden spoon for the most inappropriate copy – can’t argue with the numbers though!