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SuperBowl ads, more super than ever!

With the cost of a 30-second advert in last nights Superbowl topping a staggering $5million, you just knew the commercials were going to be exceptional – and we weren’t disappointed.  So for ad-lovers, here are our picks of the best – enjoy…

  1. Alexa loses her voice. I’ve simply run out of expletives to describe how engaging and entertaining this 90-second ad is.  Watch what happens when Amazon’s Alexa is replaced by some voices and faces you’ll recognise…

2. Next up another 90- seconder from Doritos (remember this cost about $15 million just for the media!) so the cost of casting Morgan Freman was probably incidental…

3. Amazon Prime is certainly taking it to Netflix with the film version of the latest Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novel (my favourite holiday reading) judging by the trailer this one’s going to be great!

4. Kia – Stevie Tyler reversing into his 1990’s self is bound to be a classic – not sure what it says about the brand but the ad is great. Wish we could all do that!

5. Budweiser’s Stand-By-You is a modern classic, demonstrating perfectly how to promote your brand and save the world in the same commercial.  Fantastic direction …

6. Jeep – Jeff Goldblum takes us back to Jurassic Park – in a Jeep! makes you wonder why they haven#t done this before as its such an obvious one and appeals to the current generation of 30’somethings that grew up with the films

7. Lexus – Black Panther from the Marvel comics – just love this and the car looks fantastic.  My pick of the car commercials

8. Bud-light Epic comes next – just really well done!

9. Etrade’s amusing but poignant reminder that everyone needs to save for retirement was another extremely well produced ad

10. Finally, Tide does a great job persuading us that every Superbowl ad is in fact a Tide commercial!

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