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Trinity Mirror – you'd think someone would have told them…

Well the geniuses at Trinity Mirror have clearly been at the cooking sherry again judging by their latest wheeze to attract visitors to their frankly not-as-good-as-everyone-else’s website…

Their latest Del-boy special is that for £2.99 a month, online readers of the Mirror can view content on the site without encountering any advertising – an experience that’s already open to anyone who has downloaded a free ad-blocker.

Even their Marketing Director’s quote to Marketing Week magazine read slightly drunkenly. “For some people it’s about integrity and honest” (sic) ~“If they value your content enough they think ‘like why should I get it for free?’” – I think I know what she was trying to say but come on – this is never going to fly.

Like so many other Mirror projects, the stigma of being way down the public’s media pecking order as they have been for over 30 years has clearly interfered with their rational thinking. Surely the lifejacket of shareholder’s funds and remortgaged properties can’t keep this 3-ring circus going for much longer can it?

I do feel a bit sorry for them – faced with the might of Mail-On-Line, the Sun and the rest of former Fleet Street on line they must be desperate for some kind of an edge but getting people pay for the privilege is a non starter. And where did the £2.99 come from? Some clever marketing or just a random number they thought they could get away with – 10p a day for what exactly?

They need to wake up – people can block the ads free already but sensibly placed ads – like everyone else does, enhance the content. Readers expect and welcome advertising – ads are part of the news!

I could understand if the Mirror’s site was the same as their massively over commercialised regional press versions. On those its hard to read more than two sentences without seeing a popup or running over a native banner – but it’s not. Sadly its just the same low rent lazy reporting they print in the paper that’s done better by – well – just about everyone else!

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