With millions of newspapers rolling off the press every week in the UK and Ireland, traditional newspapers are still highly regarded as a highly effective, authoritative and above all trusted media opportunity.  Let us show you how to make newspapers work for you…

Even though circulation and distribution of print media is falling newspapers offer a valuable route to market. They all have strengths when it comes to delivering a message to a specific audience when bought at the right price.

UK and Irish newspapers range from extremely niche local publications to mass coverage nationals.  They share a number of attractive benefits especially reach and penetration, short lead times, relatively low media cost and inexpensive production.

Generally newspaper consumers expect to see and accept advertising as part of the reading experience. This high acceptance means advertisers can tailor their messages to really sell the benefits of their products and services to an open minded and accepting audience.

In the case of local and regional press, readers are often actively seeking offers and services in the area where they live. Generally older and more upmarket, the readers of regional press tend to be better off and are more responsive than the UK average according to recent research.  Running a campaign in any print media allows advertisers to build a cumulative audience that reinforces the message through multiple selling opportunities as their ads are seen many times by the same readers.

Newspaper advertising allows targeted content by geography or business category.  Classified marketplaces for property, travel, entertainment, motors and recruitment means that readers can choose from a number of competing offers in the same place.

Newspapers are traditionally seen as trustworthy and authoritative and advertisers can benefit from associating their brands with the publication’s editorial. Advertisers give readers the opportunity to absorb their message at their own pace and print allows reference back to the advertising.

We are experienced newspaper planners and buyers with well over 35 years’ experience in the industry. We have many regular press clients that stand as a testimonial to the continued effectiveness of newspapers.  We are accredited by the News Media Association (NMA) and The Periodical Publisher’s Association (PPA) Check out our press topics

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