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Out of Home Media (OOH)

Out of Home Media (OOH) is efficient, affordable and effective and allows advertisers to capture customer’s attention right at the point of sale.  It can be used tactically as part of an overall media strategy or as a standalone media to direct customers.

OOH is classed in one of four formats:

Roadside – posters and bus shelters on high volume routes allow advertisers to tactically select precise locations

Transport – on busses, rail and underground vehicles as well as in stations and terminuses that give access to a captive market during their journeys.

Destinations – airports, attractions and shopping centres where the advertising is part of the experience offering exceptional branding opportunities.

Ambient – ads where people are – effective and subtle use of ad space in pubs & clubs, garage forecourts and places where people are gathered to offer captive audiences.

According to research 71% of Consumers often look at the messages on roadside billboards.  Bus shelter ads reach 92% of the population every week. Train advertising has an average 13 minutes of dwell time. The relative cost of billboard marketing is 80% less than television advertising. 26% of on-line buyers have visited a website in response to an OOH advert. OOH ads are capable of driving a 38% Increase in mobile engagements with brands. The use of mobile data can boost unprompted ad awareness by up to 200%. 56% of customers will talk about funny OOH adverts that they have seen.

Outdoor advertising offers flexibility and creativity on a large format.   It is one of the oldest advertising formats used by brands worldwide to showcase their products and services.

We are expert OOH buyers with well over 30 years’ experience and our award-winning creative partners can create an ad to suit any budget.

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