We will ensure the effectiveness of your investment. PPC advertising is the most immediate and dynamic form of Digital Marketing available. It is supremely flexible, measurable, trackable and devastatingly effective, opening up your offer to millions of potential customers 24 hours a day. We are accredited PPC experts and can maximise your paid – for presence on all the major search engines.

Thanks to the growth of providers of data-driven insights we can work with you as an extension of your business to develop a strategy that delivers the results you need through really thorough understanding of your offer and the way Google works.

PPC/search is underpinned by the algorithms that deliver results to search queries. The search engines serve up the results that they feel will be most relevant and most likely to be clicked on by users.  Our deep knowledge of this process helps us make sure we deliver the right message at the right time to the right people… at the right cost.

We deliver traffic that is more likely to convert to sales. Quality of response is our top priority.

As a full-service agency we will ensure your campaigns are relevant to and integrated with your other marketing activities and seasonality, avoiding waste and duplication.

To understand what’s working best we use tracking technology to monitor and measure what happens to your investment. This allows us to optimise performance, make sure your campaign stays relevant to potential customers and deliver enquiries to a persuasive landing page that will offer the solution to their enquiry and convert to sales.

Our experienced team have the skills you need to make this happen. As ex-Google employees they know what needs to be done to keep your campaign profitable.

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