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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Lots of people will promise to get your listing on Google and Bing at the top of the search results but not many of them will be able to this profitably, for you on a sustainable basis.

We will help you maximise the effectiveness of your investment. PPC advertising is the most immediate and dynamic form of Digital Marketing available. It is supremely flexible and devastatingly effective, opening up your offer to millions of potential customers 24 hours a day. Adwords offers advertisers display and remarketing options that can be integrated into adwords campaign.

We are accredited PPC experts and can maximise your paid – for presence on all the major search engines. PPC advertising is the main source of income for Google and Bing. Adwords and their processes are designed to make them as much as possible through the auctioning of search enquiries ( keywords and key phrases to the highest bidder.


We will take the guesswork out of your Google and Bing PPC campaigns. We will do the keyword research and discover what works best for your website. We can improve your current set-up or build your AdWords campaign from scratch if need be to generate more sales by directing more profitable traffic to your site.

Here are what we will do for your business

  • We will review your competition and learn what works for them
  • We will research the available terms, words and negative keywords so we can develop and improve your strategy to rank your business on all paid search platforms
  • We will organise your campaign into easy to understand ad groups that will lend themselves to simple analysis
  • We will tweak your ads and keywords
  • We will quickly locate poor performing ads and keywords. our bidding strategy will be adjusted according to the requirements of each campaign.

We assign a match type for every keyword or key phrase, which defines the queries for which ads will show. In order to understand better the processes here are the keyword match types that we use in our PPC projects:

A car dealership wanting to drive users to search through the site stock listing, reduce bounce rates and increase sales.  We segmented enquirers by make, model and pricing criteria and tagged key parts of the site to measure customer use in Analytics. The goal was to increase clicks to the website. This client assigned previously another advertising agency who did not bring in result when we took over his campaigns, Our client saw a significant result.

This graph below depicts amount of clicks on ads for one of the most prestigious car dealership client.  The company wished to get more clicks on ads. We applied traffic generation campaign strategy and maximised the result.

A dating website wished to increase conversion in this case sales. We took over their project, created campaigns and optimised them. Then sales and profits started to coming in. Attached is the proof of our work



A travel agent selling cruise destinations needed to attract better quality enquiries.  We comprehensively overhauled the entire search account and introduced more effective copy resulting in better conversions and more sales of higher priced packages.In the following graph you see since we took over the campaign, we reduced cost and increased conversions.


Let us work on your Google Adwords PPC campaigns. Whatever your need is, we are here for you. Your success is our commend. 

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