Display/Programmatic advertising are the ads served to you while you are browsing around the internet. They are effective because they are there to grab your attention and tell a selling story. The ads can be block “display” ads like those in newspapers or magazines, videos, voice messages, pop-ups, lineage, banners and buttons- they all have the same thing in common – they are personalised to you.  What you see isn’t the same as the next person to visit the site.

Like all digital inventory display/programmatic ads are served to you by a system of real-time bidding. In a fraction of a second software offers your profile to the market and the highest bidder for your attention gets to serve you an advert.

Using AI (artificial intelligence) by understanding everything about you from your historic internet usage, Programmatic advertising can target you very accurately so the messages you see are the ones you are most likely to be interested in receiving.  A reminder of a search you made recently, the site you visited, a competitor to a site you use regularly – the list goes on. This means Programmatic advertising can deliver excellent, trackable results across all aspects of the internet from shopping sites to social media.

We are experts in managing the processes. Real-Time Bidding using Demand-Side Platform software to plan and buy ads automatically. We understand how the Supply-Side Platform technology used by publishers to sell advertising space works and use of Data Management Platforms that hold information about potential customers collected through cookies for better targeting.

The right strategy and the right implementation can produce outstanding and sustainable results. Our many years of experience, growing up with this constantly evolving ad technology means we can achieve this consistently for our clients.

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