For brands with big ambitions, radio can deliver share of voice more cost-efficiently than many other channels, thanks to the fact that it regularly reaches over 90% of the UK population every week, listeners tune in on average for 13 hours each week. We tap into this and use radio as a frequency medium, this means that a brand which is big in radio can create a disproportionately large share of mind for itself.

Radio can be fast – a campaign recorded in the morning can be on air the same day and flexible serving different copy to different audience profiles reacting to any combinations of variables like live sport or the weather!

Radio is a truly personal media, its persuasive, enlightening, disruptive and entertaining but above all it works for advertisers at all scales and budgets, especially when paired to digital campaigns where, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau, radio boosts brand browsing by an average of 52% thanks to its strong “call-to-action” effect. Targeting on radio reduces waste. We can select stations by their style of output as well as geographic location.

Listeners tune in to their favourite station for a whole host of different reasons – but generally they do so to keep them company whilst they are occupied with another activity, whether that’s driving, working… or just doing the washing up! What this means for advertisers is that listeners tend to think of their radio stations as a trusty companion, a valuable opportunity for advertisers?

Radio’s frequent role as a secondary medium means we can listen whilst we do something else, and that means if the radio tells us something interesting, we can be researching it online within seconds.

Radio has a unique subliminal effect – You Can’t Close Your Ears – and now thanks to the myriad of analogue, digital and audio streaming brands now available to listeners and to advertisers across the UK there’s no reason for wastage as we can target by demography, by geography or by editorial environment. Robust planning systems tell us precisely who is listening – when, where and for how long. We use that quarterly data to craft the optimal campaign schedule for our clients, ensuring that their ad lands in the right ears, every time.

Radio is as much about the creative as it is about the media. Often described as The Theatre of the Mind, radio has to work harder than other media forms to engage listeners. Catchy jingles and memorable copy can make a huge difference to the levels of response. Production costs are often a fraction of those associated with TV advertising.

We are expert Radio buyers with well over 30 years’ experience and our award-winning creative partners can create superb ads to suit any budget.

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