Shopping is now firmly established as an digital phenomenon – there is hardly a sector of the retail market that is not dominated by the online market and with worldwide access and cheap, reliable delivery and return options this is set to grow.

Bricks & mortar businesses are adapting to cope but face an uphill struggle to compete against the convenience and price advantage of online retailers.

Effective branding has traditionally been key to retail success. Reaching prospective consumers through tried and tested traditional promotion and PR mixed with digital routes-to-market and influencer marketing.

With most retailers moving into various forms of online trading, driving potential customers to physical retail shops or to their websites has been a constant challenge that we have excelled working with Fashion, Grocery and FMCG clients using traditional and digital advertising opportunities for our clients to reach out  prospects.

Our experience of successful promotions in fashion and jewellery especially has produced outstanding results. Social media and influencer marketing has expanded the options available.

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