Seeing a message displayed in large format is impressive and persuasive. Out of Home advertising (OOH) delivers you impact that’s hard to ignore.

Roadside advertising is one of the workhorses of OOH. It is constantly reinventing itself to maintain relevance and impact, meaning roadside advertising spans a huge breadth of formats, from painted buildings to the latest full-motion digital screens. The main formats of roadside advertising are:

48 sheet – the most widely used size for OOH billboard advertising in the UK. At 6m x 3m, 48 sheets offer high levels of impact and can be found in most towns and cities in the UK. Many 48 sheets are back-illuminated, providing quality, stand-out images at the roadside.

6 sheet the size used for bus-stop advertising are prevalent all over the UK. 6 sheet campaigns, often referred to as Adshels, are particularly effective when you want high levels of cover and frequency. 6 sheets are also work particularly well in the retail environment, delivering messages in proximity your business.

96 sheet: At 12m x 3m, 96 sheets are the largest of the classic UK OOH billboard advertising sizes. 96 sheets can be found in many large towns and cities where the size of the canvas has a higher impact than other classic OOH formats.

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