AdSmart is the future of TV advertising… We genuinely believe that this should be the most efficient and effective way to buy TV advertising.

AdSmart allows different ads to be shown to different households watching the same programme.

This means brands and businesses can now advertise on national channels, but to targeted audiences defined by postcode and household types.

We can target age, location, life style or even if they have a cat! The data is derived from a combination of Sky’s customer data and information from consumer profiler MOSAIC. You can cherry-pick your chosen audience when they are watching TV, no matter what time of day or programme

This is an exciting emerging way of buying TV and especially suits smaller advertisers targeting specific locations and audiences. It’s a brilliant way to experience TV without the need for the sort of investment normally required to launch a TV campaign. It works like a digital video campaign as we buy impressions against a defined audience.

In all our 30 years of buying TV this has been one of the biggest innovations. SKY are leading the way but we’re sure the other broadcasters will follow. This will become a first choice media as the system of buying and reporting is developed and rates become more competitive.

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