Getting a referral from a friend is the most powerful way to sell and Social Media Marketing (SMM) gives businesses the opportunity to do that by talking to potential customers while they are interacting with Social Media.  It’s a powerful and versatile option that takes skill and experience to master.

We’re experts in getting the best from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked-In. These platforms offer a valuable opportunity to engage with existing and prospective customers and get them talking about and promoting your brand.

We’ll audit the habits and preferences of your target audience on social media. We’ll then be able to build a profile of your target audience and groups of influencers who are most likely to be persuaded to champion your business.

Social Media advertising and commercial messaging demands attention! It’s non-invasive and is generally welcomed by users in video, animated and flat formats.  It’s cleverly interwoven into Social Media feeds and requires constant monitoring and attention. It’s unlike other digital media because of its organic characteristics.  To be successful and maximise its potential – you need to work it!

We will provide social posts that will promote content already on your site as well as tailored social media content. Our team know exactly what hashtags to use for your sector, what timings suit your audience and the best way to phrase your offer. We can take all the hard work out of SMM.

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