Things You Didn’t Know About A.I in Advertising

Artificial Intelligence has been implemented in various marketing and advertising tools and systems. A.I tools can help companies in running their online marketing campaigns efficiently and cost effectively.

The error margin is lesser compared to the past when it comes to using advertising tools. Today 85% of marketers and companies don’t use AI tools except those businesses who use Google Ads.

The reason is that not everybody is aware of them. Some others do not understand the importance and necessity of using these systems. Based on our research A.I, deep learning devices and gadgets will become a part of our lives and even complete our daily tasks with less technical errors and more consistency.

So what are these A.I tools and systems? Some are free to use in the market and some others cost monthly fee.  Here are some examples:

Google A.I

A.I and machine learning are implemented in Google Ads which help marketers and advertisers with their advertising campaigns. Today Google ads provide more relevant keywords and ad suggestions related to a niche. This function alone has saved advertisers a lot of time. Based on our in–house PPC expert’s testing there is now less click fraud in Google ads than in the past. If your competitor keeps clicking at your ads and try to exhaust your budget, Google’ system will know about it immediately thanks to machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning and ‘deep mind’ within the algorithm discovers odd click pattern with no relevance, therefore Google ignores such clicks on an ad.

Dynamic Pricing

Some e-commerce websites are equipped with dynamic pricing system. It is an A.I pricing tool which decides a personalised offer based on customer’s interest. Some eCommerce websites apply A.I to determine a customer’s interest in pricing range.  For example if a user is interested in shoes between£40-£100, then the system will show the user shoes between the targeted pricing. This is how online shopping sites increase sales.

Ad targeting

User’s interest is taken into consideration prior to serving an ad. This is how A.I finds out what ad is relevant to a targeted user.


A chatbot is powered by A.I rules and interacts with a user. The majority of banks and electronic shopping websites use chatbots. It’s an A.I automation process in marketing that interacts with individuals who land on a website and need an assistance.

Computer vision

Computer vision helps A.I bots to digitize image and videos. It uses image recognition pattern through machine learning in order to gain the accuracy of the human visual system.  A.I speech and image recognition are implemented in many devices especially security systems.

Business forecasting

The name says it all. A.I business forecasting provides a current business’s situation and predicts future of the same business in the market. Many companies use these tools. They usually give an output of current situation, the system analysis and gives an output on what the company will look like in future. Predicting the future of a business is a difficult task. However with help of these tools it helps companies to improve their businesses.

In conclusion it is fair to say that A.I advertising will continue to help companies to increase leads and their online revenues.

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