TV advertising remains the most dynamic and powerful media opportunity available to advertisers. It combines unparalleled reach and scale in a format that is moving audio and visual, presented without the distraction of competing messages.

TV delivers by far the largest reach of all media in most countries. In the UK we spend on average almost 4 hours per day watching TV, with an additional 30 minutes on other devices such as laptops, tables and smartphones. Not only that, commercial TV reaches 71.4% of the population in one day, 92.8% in a week, and 98.2% in a month.

No other medium has the audience size or can build scale as quickly as TV.

We are a nation of TV watchers, accounting for 48% of the average person’s chosen media day. Commercially, we watch 45 TV ads a day at normal speed (fast forwarded ads are not counted) – which is 7 more hours than ten years ago!

As competition in the TV market has increased, in real terms, TV advertising has steadily decreased in cost over the last 20 years.  Once seen as inaccessible to most advertisers, TV campaigns can now start on air for as little as a few thousand pounds and production prices are lower than at any time in history thanks to the availability of broadcast quality technology and downloadable editing systems.

Clearance by the TV regulator Clearcast is now managed on-line streamlining the process to a few days. The wide range of TV channels and platforms means that there’s a TV package to suit every advertiser.

According to research by Thinkbox, the TV industry’s marketing body, TV is the lead medium for profit generation and effectiveness. As well as the kudos of appearing on TV, advertisers find, on average, over twice as effective at increasing sales per equivalent exposure as the next best performing medium. On average for every £1 invested in TV, it pays back £1.79 in profit.  TV is also proven to be crucial to building brands’ long term profit.

TV is more accountable than ever before with use of our recommended attribution partner Adalyser® we can track the exact source of leads to optimise performance and increase profitable sales. Audience delivery is measured by BARB (British Audience Research Bureau) in one of the world’s most respected and valuable surveys.

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